Mystery Sound #108

Outside my window
I hear mysteriously
a small chirp-like sound
repetitive and device-like.
My first thought is danger!
(These are fraught times.)
Is it a gas leak? Or a tree branch cracking off?
Or an electrical transformer
on the pole across the street
about to explode?
So I open the blinds
cautiously and… nothing.
The scene outside is placid.
The tree quietly intact.
The transformer hangs, solid.
The air, clear, smells like fall.
Across the sky I see
different kinds of birds
flying in various directions,
or landing, or merely
hopping about pecking the ground.
I see bees buzz
bouncing among the blossoms…
The sound is gone.
But the mystery seems to have expanded
beyond me and even my environment,
expanded to the point
of no point.


Golden & Perfect

Here, have a hit. I have no fucking idea where I wrote this song or where it was recorded but… I lov Love it and could never play it again a second time the same way ever.

It seems to have been recorded a week before I was laid off from a gig in Nevada city, California in the summer of ’16.

Love to Each and All.