Words and Music by Willi Brown

Unurban Cafe Santa Monica 2003

I’ve been working all day long sometimes I forget
I have not deserved you since long before we met
We’ll make up for lost time someday in our golden years
But first we’ll have to make it through one more night of tears

The radio in the kitchen playing songs we used to know
Like highways moving backward to places we can’t go
We were perfect for each other we eased each others fears
We never minded holding on through one more night of tears

Funny how that trust got started, funny how our love was made
But I stopped laughing once I saw that trust begin to fade

Now each of us has a private life that the other doesn’t know
And generosity moved away from our house long ago
Yes now we have our own lives our dream has disappeared
We cannot help each other through another night of tears

Memory is that this was written around 1993, either in Omaha or Nashville, shortly after a divorce. So, yeah, it’s a divorce song but mostly fictional. Probably as close as I could get to the feel of John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery”.