acoustik version

Words and Music by Willi Brown

I introduce myself
in a modernly sensitive way
but I can’t help but feel
because i want you

(and respect you beautiful)

But I don't want you to be bugged honey 
and a-think i'm just a-hittin' on you
i think it's a drag that a girl don't feel...
Safe. After. Dark.
    {Evolution seems like a failure}

    A six pack of pride swallowed tonight
    when i spoke to you / at the slam dance
    it’s always our job to make the first move
    and buy the flowers


    Nah know I’m not your Jesus Christ
    and he ain’t no axe muderer neither
    I ain’t the cream of the wheat / or the cream of the crop

    I’m just confused!

    Memory is that this was written in Seattle around 1994 when I was going to the Crocodile cafe every other night to drink and hit on girls. After reading an article in the Stranger (some feminist propoganda thing *jk*) I wrote these words in a cheap spiral.