What You Left Behind

Words and Music by Willi Brown ©2008

Some people think they know ya / or they got a film to show ya
While I pretend intelligence is bliss
But there’s blood that you’ve paid / Stone commitments that you’ve made
They cannot be stolen by an outlaw kiss

And what you’ve left behind / could be put out of your mind
Because it isn’t happening right now
What’s been put out of your mind,What’s been put out of your mind is your soul now
It’s all… you’ve left behind

And the weight of present past seems to be breaking your back
But something else has put a fire in your eyes
And the weightless little girl who once floated around the world
Is holding on to dear life as time flies

And what’s been put out of your mind / may be on the front of your mind
Even when it’s not happening anymore

What you’ve left behind / circles back around in time
Like it never ended for you anyhow
What you left behind never ended for you anyhow

Beautiful Blond Sandy Beach Sunlight Behind