Queen 👸

She’s got the eye of an eagle and the tooth of a cat
she can drain my swamp in seconds flat
her hair hanging down like old spanish moss
she’s the queen of the river but I call her the boss

long before the school in the heat of the bank
she made gold from a catfish she pulled from a tank
she got the night wired up and it’s playing her tune
hound dog bark giving orders to the moon

she has the judge and the jury drinking mushroom tea
sliding railroad papers in the land of the free
governor flames talking highway slack
she tame baptist preachers with a bullwhip crack

She calls and I come or my head starts to jerk
blood curdling moans dog my guitar work
I got long, jagged holes in the back of my shirt
my hands disappear ‘neath the railroad dirt

no mystery spell gonna break her mind
she take medicine men make ’em wish they was blind
she live in a house that don’t have no walls
she’s the queen of the river and she’ll break your balls

Another Night of Tears

Words and Music by Willi Brown

I’ve been working all day long sometimes I forget
I have not deserved you since long before we met
We’ll make up for lost time someday in our golden years
But first we’ll have to make it through one more night of tears

The radio in the kitchen playing songs we used to know
Like highways moving backward to places we can’t go
We were perfect for each other we eased each others fears
We never minded holding on through one more night of tears

Funny how that trust got started, funny how our love was made
But I stopped laughing once I saw that trust begin to fade

Now each of us has a private life that the other doesn’t know
And generosity moved away from our house long ago
Yes now we have our own lives our dream has disappeared
We cannot help each other through another night of tears


Memory is that this was written around 1993, either in Omaha or Nashville, shortly after a divorce. So, yeah, it’s a divorce song but mostly fictional. Probably as close as I could get to the feel of John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery”.

Evolución (safe after dark)

acoustik version

Words and Music by Willi Brown

I introduce myself
in a modernly sensitive way
but I can’t help but feel
because i want you

(and respect you beautiful)

But I don't want you to be bugged honey 
and a-think i'm just a-hittin' on you
i think it's a drag that a girl don't feel...
Safe. After. Dark.
    {Evolution seems like a failure}

    A six pack of pride swallowed tonight
    when i spoke to you / at the slam dance
    it’s always our job to make the first move
    and buy the flowers


    Nah know I’m not your Jesus Christ
    and he ain’t no axe muderer neither
    I ain’t the cream of the wheat / or the cream of the crop

    I’m just confused!

    Memory is that this was written in Seattle around 1994 when I was going to the Crocodile cafe every other night to drink and hit on girls. After reading an article in the Stranger (some feminist propoganda thing *jk*) I wrote these words in a cheap spiral.

    Dub This!

    Clint Eastwood from Gorillaz, is the anthem of this century Putin trump be damned.

    Call me decadence but this multiculti cats out the bag. We are earthlings.

    On n Off icial

    This is the century we monkies transcend this planet and save it. First we must transcend our nations, tribes and solid sense of self.

    Think about it. When you show up to represent your school or town or country (or earth) you are so full. Joy. Identity. Purpose. Autonomy. Mastery. Love.

    Saved by Station 11

    July was the cruelest month in 22. On the day after Independence Day, I was in a café when she finally called me back. It had been two days of silence. Though I assumed that she was coming home to me that day. But instead, her new man left a message on my phone saying tthat she did not like conflict and hey were going to Europe next week to get married and that he was sorry.

    Fast-forward a few weeks and much drama and alcohol later… One night before bed scrolling through arts news in some publication, I caught a brief review of the latest work by Emily St. John Mandel. And knew right away I had possibly, finally, discovered a special writer. Someone to add to that shelf of favorites before I had even read a single line.

    And tonight probably not even 25% of the way through Station 11, I felt so good that I wanted to stop and message her on Instagram immediately. And tell her all about how this was connecting with me in my life. And how brilliant the last couple of pages were, how poetic, thrilling, how much like film, painting, and amazing embrace…

    So there Emily, you’ve touched me in the heart. We have fenced, you might say, touché!

    Earlier this afternoon while working on a three letter spot in a crossword puzzle, I came across an intriguing clue: “The tongue of the mind…”, Cervantes.

    Frankenstein Dances

    Genuine Heart of Sadness

    Elvis Came Home Today Word Jazz Dub Tribute

    a few years ago 2013 to be frank
    in San Francisco fall weather is like summer
    and thinking about the state of things
    culture environment
    and surfing the web late one night
    mashing up things on photoshop
    he emerged…
    thrust hips on his toes
    the abandon of the arms
    his serious face

    So this weekend it felt like time to print and frame. Enjoy!

    Prints are available: $66 for 12×24, $99 for 24×36.

    Pass Me By

    Words and Music Willi Brown 

    Acoustic Demo version from Seattle

    Moving on leaving all your books behind
    pages falling from what I need
    Forgot whatever I wanted to find,
    won’t remember what I once believed

    Willi Brown in straw hat holding up a joker playing card.

    I’ll create my own confusion
    get my legend with room to spare
    I pray for patience and something old
    to help me driver to get back there

    *Pass me by I’ve forgotten the way
    Go on ahead, you know the night will stay
    No one can help me – don’t even try
    Go on ahead and pass me by

    No comfort of familiar nightmares
    can hold my wishes back down inside
    Tell my story for me… after I’m gone
    Those questions of right and wrong … let ’em ride

    I’ll take this the wrong way
    It’s happened before (“I didn’t touch a thing”)
    I’m always hopin’ the night will stay
    Like a bird of prey with a broken wing

    Surrender all my expressions of love… with my pride
    A gift to leave back down by the gate of our lives

    *Pass me by I’ve forgotten the way
    Go on ahead, you know the night will stay
    No one can help me – don’t even try
    Go on ahead and pass me by

    Double Dub

    Double Dub avec beatz

    Seems everybody is just too stunned to look back
    And the look-ahead holds just a mountain of graveyard black
    Yet my watch tells me I got an appointment in the morning
    I don’t need a needle to tell me – morning may never come

    When this year started I said the ’19 can go to hell
    Something didn’t die but it would’ve been just as well
    I got the penalty box for riding out there into harm’s way
    …pain’s easier to face with an option to look away

    They say it always gets better baby
    but I think I’ll just pass
    You can take double dub (2020) and…
    tattoo my ass

    There was friendship for days and a mountain of golden sunshine
    People coming together singing “Time’s up!“ all down the line
    But then the Suits with the news, they started dumping their shares
    Controlling the story so the people would be unawares

    So we had a paranoid spring and summer confusion kicked in
    And the rich got so richer and casualties kept pouring in
    Yeah the West Coast was burning and cops kept murdering black men
    Yeah the west kept burning and cops kept murdering black women

    They say it always gets better
    but baby I think I’ll just pass
    You can take double dub
    And tattoo my ass

    Tired of surviving dog eat dogging all day?
    Consumer cellular Netflix those thoughts all away
    Comfort is killer, sugar always comes with a price
    It’s time to take two the hard way first let me add us some spice

    They say it always gets better
    but baby I think I’ll just pass
    You can take double dub
    And tattoo my ass

    It can always get worse
    I can’t breathe … the past
    Don’t call it 2020
    I can’t see through all this ash

    They say it always gets better
    but baby I think I’ll just pass
    You can take double dub
    And tattoo my ass … goodbye 👋

    Woman cries for help at body of man shot by National Guard at Kent State
    Double Dub spoke.word