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Double Dub

Double Dub avec beatz

Seems everybody is just too stunned to look back
And the look-ahead holds just a mountain of graveyard black
Yet my watch tells me I got an appointment in the morning
I don’t need a needle to tell me – morning may never come

When this year started I said the ’19 can go to hell
Something didn’t die but it would’ve been just as well
I got the penalty box for riding out there into harm’s way
…pain’s easier to face with an option to look away

They say it always gets better baby
but I think I’ll just pass
You can take double dub (2020) and…
tattoo my ass

There was friendship for days and a mountain of golden sunshine
People coming together singing “Time’s up!“ all down the line
But then the Suits with the news, they started dumping their shares
Controlling the story so the people would be unawares

So we had a paranoid spring and summer confusion kicked in
And the rich got so richer and casualties kept pouring in
Yeah the West Coast was burning and cops kept murdering black men
Yeah the west kept burning and cops kept murdering black women

They say it always gets better
but baby I think I’ll just pass
You can take double dub
And tattoo my ass

Tired of surviving dog eat dogging all day?
Consumer cellular Netflix those thoughts all away
Comfort is killer, sugar always comes with a price
It’s time to take two the hard way first let me add us some spice

They say it always gets better
but baby I think I’ll just pass
You can take double dub
And tattoo my ass

It can always get worse
I can’t breathe … the past
Don’t call it 2020
I can’t see through all this ash

They say it always gets better
but baby I think I’ll just pass
You can take double dub
And tattoo my ass … goodbye 👋

Woman cries for help at body of man shot by National Guard at Kent State
Double Dub spoke.word

Sliding on Vinyl

Another insertion

This time a cab from Newark

I can’t see a badge but the accent is African

The sky could be any season

The air, any industry, sweat and petrol

I bounce in the back

Of this yellow Ford

Generic black interior

Without breakfast or sleep having

lost much more than three hours

Cause certainly my dinner

in the Sierra foothills

was half a day ago

And now sliding on vinyl

I recognize NewYork approaching me

First the tool booth cutie

Do-rag, yellow safety vest, mirror aviators

Big lips do a little kiss/sniff/purse move

As we pull away and she

prepares For the next encounter

And the cabbie’s sad dixie cup rattles

with pens and straw

As my phone charger cord snakes back

from his lighter plug

Juicing back to connected life

For one more day

And we then dip

Holland Tunnel US 1 & 9-Truck

Through the alien wonders of Jersey City

Why humans spend so much to crowd

Is now somewhat beyond me

Cab 91 (dispatched by Patricia Canty)

Bears me east into MnHaddn

His garmin promising an arrival time

Odds averaged against the crowd

Every passenger a poem, a progress

We <3 ny

Beg forgiveness

It’s no time to complicate

To arrange or communicate

Add more layers to the dress

Consider angles of load and stress

Master techniques, straighten lines

Research approaches, estimate times

Prepare the process or perfect the plan

Apologize or repay the man

No time to add another flock of words

Just time to vanish like Imagined birds

No time to worry about what happens so

Just close your eyes and let them go

Controlled Burn

Majestic forest Northern
California summer crunch
each step dry cracking 
Overhead widow makers
everywhere blow downs and 
knock downs
Tinder really
my thoughts also crunchy 
Fire Fear
Armageddon too!
I think I want it to just be over 
So much pain
In the news
more pain
in the forest, the streets, families
Even sex seems painful now
Poetry too!

I brought a small notebook
Out to this wood 
on retreat 
But forgot to remind myself 
“bring a pen”
Then found one and it’s out of ink
So much pain
So I’m typing a phone note
By the flicker of an led tea light
Instead of a candle


27 jun 19

cat with herb

On the front step
Watching the orange cat
Chewing… Biting really
The herb growing by the sidewalk
Tiny blue blossoms
I don’t know… maybe it’s catnip
I thought, “this‘d make a good poem”
But it wasn’t dirty enough or something
Because honestly, in my hand,
Was a device tuned to a digital book about behavioral triggers
Orange cat out in nature staring with tail extendedBecause maybe someday I want to make something
More of my life than impulsively scribbling down
These dirty scraps of noticing…
Not even insights… Just saw a cat, big deal
But he was so mad at this herb
Maybe it wasn’t catnip
And a real poet would be reading a book on native herbs
Then of course the cat noticed me
And stared at me hard like… I really can’t say
As if it wanted me to turn into a big pizza
Or a live tuna fish
He even took a few steps towards me
And let out a miserable squawk
But I wasn’t feeling it
maybe I was being cat like
He gave up and walked away

what now?

what now? the pain
the people
have dispersed
all lights out
for the night
i run absurd
dreams through the streets
get surrounded
i disappear
confused horrified

(march 2017 sonoma county)

Mystery Sound #108

Outside my window
I hear mysteriously
a small chirp-like sound
repetitive and device-like.
My first thought is danger!
(These are fraught times.)
Is it a gas leak? Or a tree branch cracking off?
Or an electrical transformer
on the pole across the street
about to explode?
So I open the blinds
cautiously and… nothing.
The scene outside is placid.
The tree quietly intact.
The transformer hangs, solid.
The air, clear, smells like fall.
Across the sky I see
different kinds of birds
flying in various directions,
or landing, or merely
hopping about pecking the ground.
I see bees buzz
bouncing among the blossoms…
The sound is gone.
But the mystery seems to have expanded
beyond me and even my environment,
expanded to the point
of no point.