Golden & Perfect

Here, have a hit. I have no fucking idea where I wrote this song or where it was recorded but… I lov Love it and could never play it again a second time the same way ever.

It seems to have been recorded a week before I was laid off from a gig in Nevada city, California in the summer of ’16.

Love to Each and All.


Hey It’s a New Dawn

MDR Sunrise Photo by Willi BrownHowdy! This is Willi Brown checking back in with the world wide webs. It’s a wonder that this kooky experiment in technical connectedness has survived despite the best efforts of the Soviets and the Chinese and the NSA to wreck it for everyone else! I know that I’m probably going to take a lot of flak for that comment… but it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.

Anyway, just kicking down a road again…

Bandcamp Hoh!

ScenicRoute_CD_Cover_Redux_700x700My record, “Scenic Route”, is now available as my first offering on Bandcamp! Still sounding fresh and funky and like I might’ve once been a few kinds of drugstore cowboy, this collection of a dozen SONGS is sure to please your inner hustler!

Sporting a new cover image – includes lyrics and a little snarky note about each track. Scenic Route Hoh!

big bang

OM – the ancient howl
thunder beat – heat
clang and dumb, the time sound
hot persistent beneath
the tiny murmurs of secret heads
shuffling past with small concern
of the immediate preceding
yes, the little now
so stack them up
yes, pause and rise up
and consider all this
smallness multiplied
and you can’t, can you?
it’ll overwhelm you, won’t it?
the immense hope and regret
expanding ever outward…
is the big bang

april 2003
Las Vegas probably poolside…

One For The Dead

WilliBrown VeniceBeach 2005
though my chest rises with breath and my head nods on my neck these fingers typing here will one day feed the earth though now in my room with the sunlight streaming onto my right foot i can see hear and touch the space it really won’t be long until i am space and some other singer laments us you and i who have died but haven’t left space there are bodies and there are beings and today i am both